If your love life has gone off the rails,

here's how to get it back on track...

Hi, I’m Jen Michelle and I'm so happy you found me!

If you’re a strong and driven woman, I can help you create the kind of intimate relationship that you deeply desire. I help women learn how to inspire a deep connection in a way that brings a man close and restores trust and intimacy within the relationship.

Do you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster in your relationship? One minute maybe feeling open to him, only to find that the next day you feel anger and the urge to do something drastic so that he will hear you? Maybe feeling all kinds of emotions such as a deep sadness, anger and loneliness?

The thing is, it truly does not have to be this way! So often what has helped us achieve success and status professionally, is the very same thing that blocks us in achieving the level of intimacy we crave!

To get your relationship back on track, in the most soft, loving, and effective way…

We promise you complete, 100% confidentiality, and will never share your information

Once you start implementing these 5 proven tools, you’ll connect your man back to your heart and learn how to keep it that way!


“Jen is a master at coaching and best kept secret. She get to the heart of the matter, and shares new ways to be that create intimacy and love with many types of relationships. I’ve been with her for over 2 years and it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. I’ve reccomended her to all my friends and they love her just the same!”

Julie M.

I found Jen Michelle at a time I was desperately trying to fix my relationship. My boyfriend was distant, cold, and I felt like I was completely losing him.
I was doing everything wrong! I learned that I was in my masculine energy and that he couldn’t connect to me. Once I started working with Jen I stopped trying to take over and do everything. I was terrified. Then everything changed. He became the guy he was when we first met. He continues to take steps everyday and wants to make me happy! We are both so Much happier!
I would have definitely lost a great guy if I would not have found Jen Michelle. I needed to learn how to express myself in a way he could understand. So thankful to have learned and continue to learn how to do that!

Sarah P.

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