Jen Michelle
Relationship Coach


All my life I’ve worked really hard so I can have the nicest things in life, so why was my relationship falling apart? I couldn’t understand why my man was so distant and I was feeling more sad than ever the first four years of our marriage.
I have always paid such close attention to treating myself well, so why was I suddenly in a position where I was willing to take crumbs from my man?
It was only through learning to recognize that within me was this deeper fear of not being enough that actually was BLOCKING me from connecting with my partner. As I learned to heal myself, my relationship followed. We now have two beautiful boys and raise them in our dream home in Chicago!
I never thought this would happen, I thought the vicious cycle would never end. I’m here to tell you that you can heal your relationship and create the life of your dreams!

I want you to know that no matter how bad things are feeling right now, there is hope and that it is completely possible to get your relationship back on track. There was a time I would not have believed this myself! I now know that this is absolutely possible and it doesn’t matter how many mistakes have been made along the way. What matters is learning a new way, a healthy and loving way to connect to a man.

There was a time when I believed that I had all the tools necessary to maintain a healthy relationship. I thought that my background as a therapist meant that I could fix and solve any problem that came our way. What happened though was that the more that I stepped in trying to fix and solve, the more distant and disconnected my husband became. I thought I was the expert and I couldn’t understand why he continued to react so negatively to everything I did to fix things. I then tried even harder to fix things including counseling, therapy, different coaching modalities you name it! None of this helped, and I continued to feel completely hopeless and scared.

One day I stumbled upon Rori Raye’s Have the Relationship You Want E-book and instantly connected to everything she was saying! I realized that I had been doing all of the wrong things! I instantly felt empowered to do things differently, to completely let go, and to no longer try to fix solve the relationship. I also learned how to communicate authentically and to stop covering up my emotions. I allowed myself to be open, vulnerable, and soft. It completely changed everything and it changed quickly.

Now I have a completely different relationship. It went from cold and distant to completely warm and loving. I feel I can share anything, I just needed the right tools and words to express myself.

I now have the greatest privilege in helping other women become their most authentic self (and this has to happen to have the deep love you really desire).

I work with women in all stages of relationships. If you are looking to save your marriage or relationship and get things back on track, if you are dating and desire a committed relationship, or want to learn the tools to create opportunities in attracting the right man, I can help you achieve this!

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Jen Michelle