How To Get Him Interested Again Quickly?

If you are feeling panicked because your man has pulled away, you are not alone!
When a man pulls away, we so often want to DO something fast to get things back where they were and bring him close.
The more of an effort we make, the more he seems to pull away.
This leaves a woman feeling insecure, scared, and angry that she is suddenly the only one putting in effort.
This can cause her to be “too nice” one minute, only to find herself very angry or resentful minutes later.
This not only makes the woman feel horrible, but it also causes the man to pull even further away.
So what do we do when he seems to have lost interest and is no longer moving things forward?
We do nothing.
We completely LEAN BACK and allow him space.
This means not taking action out of fear or overcompensating. This also means getting the focus 100% back on yourself!
The more a woman is able to keep herself feeling good and staying out of his head and what he is thinking or feeling, the more she is inspiring him to come forward.
This means no texting, calling, leading conversations, asking questions, and talking about the relationship.
This means completely relaxing into her body and know that she does not have to “do” anything to be loved and cherished by a man.
I remember a time in my relationship when my man pulled away, I would panic and feel like I had to do something.
I would try to talk about the relationship, ask what he is thinking or feeling, and try to push things forward.
I would feel so sad when he seemed to pull away even more when I was just trying to be close to him.
As soon as I learned how to lean back and got my focus off of him, everything changed.
He completely stepped up and started working to be close and connected to me.
This can be done quickly and can create an immediate shift!
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