Six Ways To Inspire Connection

If you are a strong, independent, and self-sufficient woman who is used to getting things done, I can relate.  I work with many women who are able to set professional…


How To Rebuild A Lost Connection

I work with many women who have been in “doing” action-oriented energy in every area of their life. While this can serve us well professionally, it doesn’t usually translate to…

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How To Get Him Back

Women often come to me for coaching to achieve the objective of “getting him back”. This can mean the man has physically left the relationship, that he has left the…

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How To Quickly Shift Your Vibe

One common theme I come across in my work with women struggling with their relationship, is the type of relationship they have with THEMSELVES. In order to CHANGE the relationship…


Inviting Love In

Hi! I get a lot of questions around how to restore love, manifest love, and inspire love back into women’s lives. I know that we all hear a lot about…